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About Us


The primary mission of Mrs. Penn’s Open Heart Foundation (OHF) is to encourage, support, counsel and provide opportunities for the   underprivileged that face a variety of challenges; so that they have every chance to reach their potential.

At OHF, we remove roadblocks to success by providing educational, performing arts, and athletic programs that ultimately instill confidence, develop goal setting, connect each other with role models and help develop into strong productive leaders. 

(a) We exist to break down the barriers that the underprivileged face by creating new opportunities in academics, creative, and athletic goals.

(b) To provide a mentorship program for the underprivileged in which they are mentored by various leaders. Our programs , which is coordinated by Mrs. Dominique Penn, are designed through a  ‘lead by example’ model in which the underprivileged learn from other’s about experiencing failures and turning them into positives.

(c) To engage in fundraising activities that will provide scholarships in order to participate in various activities.

(d) We also strive for our participants to be an example to other participants by exemplifying not only in the classroom but also through volunteerism.  Our group will volunteer and be active in various other non-profit organizations.

(e) To assist in maintaining an excellent overall GPA and instill the importance of  participation, wellness, performing arts,  nutrition, sports,  and education.  

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